Web Developer

About Me

Innovative optimized solution seeker.
I am an ambitious and qualified Junior Web Developer with 6 months' experience in several programming languages and frameworks. I am a strong and energetic person with excellent skills and strong ethics. I am not afraid of taking on projects that require drive and dedication. Excited to be at the starting phase of my new career as a web developer. I thrive in any and dynamic environment and I always deliver on results.

I enjoy having the power to build from scratch awesome Websites and Web Applications. I provide a reliable and high-quality service that is served with honesty and explanation.

Languages & Frameworks: HTML, Handlebars, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation DataBases My SQL, MongoDB, MERN Stack.

Tools & Technology: Git, GitHub, GitLab Heroku, NPM.