Web Developer

EZ-Valpark app is designed to make valet parking easy for drivers and parking operators as well.
It is a ticketless application. It generates a barcode for easy parking and checkout. The app is accessible to computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
Disaster Relief App
The Disaster Relief App is designed to aid rescuers in locating and accessing the need for civilians
during or after a Disaster. The user can add information about their home ... How many people live there, if somebody has a special condition among others. In case of disaster, the app will be helpful for the rescuers give them a kind of beacon through their cellphone camera or another device. The App will show a marker in each address with information about that address.
AteBall helps you answer the most important question.... "Where do you want to eat".
The App generates a random restaurant near your current location, and then gives you information about the restaurant... Price Range, Star Rating, among others. Also, it shows a google map with the best route to get the restaurant from user location.
Friend Finder
Friend Finder is an app basically a dating app but for friends using Node and Express servers.
The user enters the page that leads to a survey. When the user submits the survey, they are matched with a "friend" that has the closest match to their personality.
Burger App
Burger App is simple full stack application with a front end implemented with HTML/CSS
and the backend implemented with Node.js and Express. HTML templating is done with the help of Handlebars also it uses the MVC design pattern. This App allows a user to input a burger name which is logged onto to the screen. The user can then choose to "Devour" each burger. Eaten burgers are listed for the user's reference.
Google Book Search
A simple Book Search app using React JS and Google Books API Search Books - User can search for books via the
Google Books API and render them here. User has the option to "View" a book, bringing them to the book on Google Books, or "Save" a book, saving it to the Mongo database.